We offer the world's first device with the latest technology in the world of hardware A detailed explanation of how to use the entire device, which operates six research systems to detect gold And buried treasures .

Systems that the device works

System 1: Ground Survey System 3D

System 2: The system of discrimination between Metals

Video tutorial about the device Great NEUTRON

the devices contain

1- warranty card of the device is accompanied by a device number special
2-  educational video for sponsorship and education fees
3-  main unit of the device
4- Super Sensor for the device
5-  tablet & tablet base
6- charger & headphones

Parts of the device definitions

Define the device parts

  • sensitive circuit
  • connection circuit
  • usb output
  • audio output
  • power button
  • tablet support
  • hand shake
  • scan button
  • super sensor
  • the charger
  • tablet
  • the main unit

Explanation of the device unit

  • Know where starter off-on
  • Know where Scan button
  • connect USB port 
  • connect headphones port
  • It is connected as shown in the picture with the main unit

Assembly of parts


Installation of tablet Place the tab and connect the cable to the unit Then turn the unit on

Explanation of systems

You can click the system name to explain how it works

Turn on the tab and open the program for the opening device from the file

  1. Select the type of device GREAT S2
  2. Choose the correct COM type
  3. Choose the type of connection and then choose the cable
  4. Then press the OK button
  5. Check the number of shots selected

Then make sure the device is above the ground from 5 to 10 cm Take the footage after each half-meter distance square or rectangular depending on the appropriate place Which is being searched Once finished, store the image and then analyze and confirm the shape in the ground And determine the type of metal or vacuum form and depth in centimeters.

This system distinguishes between metals, gold, precious metals and blanks

Method of work of metal discrimination system

Change the system from the program Open from file

  1. Select the type of device GREAT S2
  2. Choose the correct COM type
  3. Select the connection type and select the cable
  4. Determine the type of distinction between minerals
  5. Then press the ok button

Then point the device to the ground and make sure the height of the device from 5 to 10 cm Move the device from right to left to distinguish the target in the ground Here we show you the shape of the gold signal rising index and changing the color to red and yellow precious metals Green earth and blue is empty.

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